About Us

We are located in scenic Southern Vermont, about 30 minutes East of Albany, NY in the town of Bennington. Please refer to the CONTACT US page for additional details!

We cover the area in about a 200 mile radius of our office, to globally via the internet..

We have been working in the Renewable Energy field for many years.

We specialize in battery based systems using the sun to recharge.

We are able to work in sizes from single battery to home sized backup systems.

We also are expert in Data Acquisition Systems for all types of systems, having decades of experience in industrial instrumentation and control systems.


Member of:

IEEE- Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

ARRL-Amateur Radio Relay League



Power Guru - Principal Engineer

Cadmus Group, Inc - Renewable Energy Engineer

Solar Plus - Design Engineer

Creighton-Manning Engineering - Field Engineer

Real Goods Solar - Technical Specialist, Commissioning, DAS

Alteris Renewables - System Designer, Field Service, Commissioning, DAS

Renewable Power Systems - Installer, System Designer, DAS

ETM Solar Works - Installer


Partial list of customers:

Apex Solar

Monolith Solar

Veteran Solar

Renewable Equipment Supply, LLC

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